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Proof of Funds (POF) = MT799

Proof of Funds (POF) = MT799

Proof of Funds service is not a loan, but is a perfect, inexpensive and fast way to add strength to your current financial profile, show reserves or buy time in your transactions.
The Swift terminology is MT799.

Different formats may include bank letters, phone/fax verification, online account access, verification of deposit form (VOD), bank to bank Swift, Certificates of Deposit (CD's) and/or account statements.

We can arrange equity and debt-secured accounts for "Proof of Funds" uses on a fixed-return basis to facilitate various funding requirements, providing you the capability to meet on-going project needs. The investment process is simple and secure, and can be completed in as little as two (2) banking days depending on the type of account needed.

We can arrange funding for various types of accounts for a broad range of requirements. All accounts are verifiable through written verification of deposit, with other confirmation options available including verbal and electronic verification. Specialty accounts are also available providing confirmations utilizing SWIFT MT999, SWIFT MT799 and SWIFT MT760 message formats. Rate-of-return requirements vary, dependent upon the amount of funds provided and the verification type needed.

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