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Procedimentos Padrões de negociaçao para Commodities

Acima de 12.500MT
1. Buyer issues the LETTER OF INTENT – (LOI) and Proof of Funds via “Bank RWA” or “BCL”.
2. Seller issues FCO to be signed and returned by the buyer.
3. Upon receiving signed FCO, Seller forwards the draft contract for buyer review and approval.
4. Buyer returns the signed contract by fax and email.
5. Seller and buyer exchange sign and seal hard copies of the contract in (4) originals. Originals must be signed and validated by public notary by both buyer and seller. Buyer and seller each keep two (2) originals.
6. Buyer sends Proof of Funds (POF) via swift to seller's bank.
7. Within 7 banking days of receiving the POF swift, Seller issues Proof of Product (POP) swift to Buyer's bank.
8. Upon receiving POP swift, Buyer sends draft of L/C for seller's approval.
9. Upon approval of the L/C draft the Buyer issues the FULLY OPERATIVE (but INACTIVE) payment instrument, as per terms of payment of contract, and with provision for AUTOMATIC ACTIVATION upon receiving the Performance Bond (PB) from the seller's bank.
10. Within 7 banking days after receiving the Payment instrument, the seller will issue the first fully operational Performance Bond (2,00%). Note:There will NO performance bond for all transactions of 12.500 MT or smaller.
11. Shipment starts not later than 30 - 45 days after the acceptance of the payment instrument by the seller / seller's bank. (The payment instrument must have a minimum validity of 2 months).

Abaixo de 12.500MT (Em Containers de 20")
1. Buyer return the Soft Quote filled out, signed and sealed and (POF) Proof of Funds for the total transaction via Bank-RWA.
2. Seller forwards the draft contract for buyer review, approval and returned signed and sealed.
3. Seller and buyer exchange signed and sealed hard copies of the contract in (4) originals. Buyer and Seller each keep two (2) originals.
4. Buyer´s Bank issues the OPERATIVE (W/T) WIRE TRANSFER direct to Seller´s Bank in favour of the Seller, for the Total Quantity payable 100% at sight conditioned to the delivery of all shipping documents.
5. Seller after receiving signed and sealed contract and Seller´s Bank confirmed payment instrument for the entire transaction, issues (POP)-Proof of Product via swift to Buyer´s bank and via e-mail directly to buyer and automatic action provision, the (W/T) WIRE TRANSFER becomes
6. Shipment starts not later than 30-45 International Banking Days after the acceptance of the operative payment instrument by the Seller / Seller´s Bank

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